/  Ranking Republican Tom Cole Statement on Upcoming Medicare For All Hearing

Ranking Republican Tom Cole Statement on Upcoming Medicare For All Hearing

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04), Ranking Republican of the House Rules Committee, issued the following statement ahead of the original jurisdiction hearing on H.R. 1384, the Medicare For All Act of 2019, scheduled to take place in the committee on Tuesday, April 30. Witnesses invited by Rules Republicans and confirmed to testify during the hearing are Grace-Marie Turner and Dr. Charles Blahous.
“Using the Rules Committee as the first forum to consider Medicare For All, legislation that would force over 150 million Americans off of health care plans they enjoy, indicates a lot about the Democratic agenda. And that agenda continues to become more extreme and concerning by the day. While Republicans welcome discussion on solutions for ensuring access to quality and affordable care, a government takeover of the nation’s health system is not the answer. During next week’s hearing, we will surely have a spirited debate about the real consequences and costs of government-run healthcare.”
Grace-Marie Turner is the president and founder of the Galen Institute, which specializes in research on healthcare reform. A former public trustee for Social Security and Medicare, Charles Blahous is the author of a telling Mercatus study on the cost of Medicare For All.


Created: April 24, 2019