/  Ranking Member Cole Remarks on Speaker Pelosi's Latest Reconciliation Bill

Ranking Member Cole Remarks on Speaker Pelosi's Latest Reconciliation Bill

As delivered during today's hearing on a new Rules Committee Print to replace H.R. 5376:

It may be a new day, but we are in the exact same spot as we were last Thursday. I am still flummoxed by what we are doing here. 

I reiterate what I said last week, Mr. Chairman. The Rules Committee is the last stop before the floor. It is not the first stop. Yet that is exactly what we are being asked to do today.

It is evident that the Speaker has chosen to go it alone and is back to the old playbook of making points, rather than making law. Many Democratic Senators have long raised objections to provisions that are now included in this bill.

So it's clear that the Senate is going to make changes. It's also clear that the Senate cannot touch this bill until there is a CBO score. This CBO score is also of importance to many House members on both sides of the aisle, but their request is being ignored by the Speaker. Democrats are still not ready for this hearing, Mr. Chairman. And frankly, neither are any of our witnesses. Neither are any of our fellow Republicans. 

We should be given time to read the text. I noted last time we could get through it if we could read 28 pages a minute, but with the new improvements, it's now 36 pages a minute. So, I can read pretty fast, but there's a limit.

We should be given time, again, to read it. We should be given time to process this bill and consider it. And we should undoubtedly know how much money it will be spending and how much money it will be raising. It's just simply astonishing that we are here holding a hearing, and we don't know the most basic elements of what is the largest spending and taxing bill in American history. 


Created: November 3, 2021